You Should Be Using Emoji on LinkedIn Now – Statistics Backing

You Should Be Using Emoji on LinkedIn Now – Statistics Backing
Photo by Kelvin Yan / Unsplash

You come up with great idea for your next LinkedIn post. You think this is the best best content for your audience. You want to maximize your reach with this perfect piece. What if I say there’s an easy way to brush up your content with just 10 seconds.

Wait no further.

Here comes the emoji engagement strategy backed by our curated LinkedIn data.

Emoji Usage on LinkedIn

Emojis have been gaining mainstream even in the business scene. For the analysis, we will use 140,975 LinkedIn posts collected from November 27 to March 20, 2021.

Here are some findings:

  • 15% of all posts have at least 1 emoji.
  • Posts having at least one emoji on average get 3 likes compared to 1 like without.
  • 60% of the top 100 posts by like count have emojis.

So let’s dive into the meat of which emojis you should be using.

Most commonly used emojis are:

1. 👉

2. ✅


4. 🔥

5. 🚀

6. ✔️

7. ✨

8. ❤️

9. 💡

10. 💥

They are used in conjunction of paragraph breakdowns and description of the goodies.

Next time you write posts, you should include some of the emojis.

To open emoji icons, you can use ctrl+right click or go to find your favorite in this emoji Expedia.

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