Power Words For Your LinkedIn Posts – With Examples

Power Words For Your LinkedIn Posts – With Examples

Most people write boring.

Their words are dry and not alive. They don’t spark emotion.

You resist, “why do you care, it’s not a book we are writing. It’s jus a social media”.

But writing boring sentence, chances are no one stops on your post.

On top of that, given that

We don’t need to win literature nobel prize; we need a hint of .

Here’s a list of strong words that provide meaning.

Dataset Analyzed

The LinkedIn post datasets analyzed are 140,975. The posts come from 104,913 individuals. The timeline spins from November to March 2021.

Power Words

We will first list out the word followed by its occurrence count. Then we will go through how each term is being used.

  1. Time – 15473
  2. Help – 12500
  3. Now – 11181
  4. Know – 11092
  5. Great – 9571
  6. Learn – 9171
  7. Experience – 9056
  8. Best – 8448
  9. Free – 8413


By nature of LinkedIn as B2B focused social network, people are browsing the timeline during the office hours. You know time is natural interest of busy businessmen.

It can be used in junction of your call-to-action. “It’s time!” speaks something urgent in your offering.

Examples: best time, spend your time, spend time messaging, steal time, it’s time (CTA).


This is a classic advertisement advice. In the world of me-me virtual world, what you offer can go far along. Your offer just gets into someone’s ears naturally. You should sprinkle your sentence with what you can offer. Help is a good first step.

A word of caution is that because it’s used so often, if you say I help you; that will come off non-authentic. Even trigger scammer alert in people.

I suggest using help tied with action verbs. “This helps you talk better” for instance.

Sharing your experience how some tools help you personally works too as an organic voice.

Examples: help each other, help build my portfolio (help followed by action), help him win, help your website, help you out


Adding now turns your information into news. It brings difference from the past.

In today’s rapidly pacing world, everyone’s scared of being left out. They don’t want to miss out the newest trend in the market.

Even if you are just sharing your market position, adding new turns every sentence into brand new topic.

Not only the news worthy value, now, just like time, can be a CTA. It’s on sales now shows the urgency in your voice.

Examples: Know now, humanity matters now more than ever, consumers are now more conscious of how they spend their money. Do now (CTA).


We live in the information age. Our work is all about intaking information, process it and turns into something useful. We are all intellectual machines.

In that economy, what you know makes or kills your business. It decides how your next performance evaluation goes. We’ve become so sensitive to “know” and “knowledge”.

It’s important to note however, it’s better to focus on what the other knows instead of you (as I). See the examples.

Examples: Should know, need to know, what you know, you know how important.


You should never use the word good. That word is dead. It carries no meaning. We have inflated that word too much.

Great instead is still alive. It is the quality stamp of exceptionality.

Examples: Great job, great way, great new feature, great information, great guys, great tips.


Related to the knowledge economy, we are hungry to learn new things. That is to stay competitive in the job market. People who learn new things always have higher income generally anyway. It doesn’t hurt to target those potential audience.

The opportunity to learn new information, new skills, and new idea are all equally great candidates.

Examples: learn new skills, learn from athletes (put in any profession), learn faster, learn about business (your topic), learn how to.


Experience is another way of saying learn. But it captures broader meaning. It is inherently positive no matter who you ask. We are all looking for new experience in our life. We are looking for how other people experience certain events.

The strength of experience is it is inherently personal. Your business doesn’t experience, but you do. That subjectivity catches our human attention.

That’ll be an important part in storytelling. Share your experience at work or with your team members.

Examples: gain experience, experience you gain, pure experience, years of experience.


Like great, best is another powerful stamp to guarantee the exceptional quality.

What is best about your team member? What quality of your product is best at something? Everyone has something outstanding about some qualities.

Examples: Best shot, best practices, best public speakers (or any professional), best piece of advice, best funnel, best way.


Most classically free is used as an advertising term that signifies no-commitment necessary. Spotify comes with 30 day free trial. We’ve seen the term.

Another way to use free is a positive association. We all want freedom – free from problems, free from hardship, and free from annoyance.

Examples: Free trial account, free seminar, feel free, register for free, free tools, free masterclass. (Positive associations) stress-free, free of clutter, free to be ourselves.

Remarkable Top List

On top of the regular analysis, we have separated the tokens used by the top 1%(1,410 count) posts. Here’re powerful words that surfaced.


Growth is often used in the marketing term (ex: growth hack). But it doesn’t stop there. There is no such thing as negative growth. Growth comes with a positive association.

In a business sense, growth indicates higher profit, bigger team, and better product.

Focus on how to frame your message around the word growth.

Examples: growth marketing, growth opportunity, growth culture, growth strategy, accelerate growth.


Love is a twist given that we are analyzing LinkedIn datasets. But you shouldn’t be shy from using this word. It is emotionally charged that’s very personal. It can be applied to our personal lives too. Its warmth makes it easy for your audience to interact as well.

What you did today you are proud of? Share your thought with love.

Examples: spread love, give yourself some love, people love, I love, we love.

Frame of Words Matter

People often forget LinkedIn has high marketing flavor. People are spending a few seconds to decide if they want to stop on your post. You need to show your post is relatable to people.

Many people never focused on writing emotional words. But they matter. They catch our heart.

Use some of these power phrase to charge up your next posts.