How Many Paragraphs Should Go Into Your LinkedIn Post

How Many Paragraphs Should Go Into Your LinkedIn Post

It is tempting to fill your posts with everything you have. You want to give in the best shot.

That’s why it is so tempting to fill your post with one huge whale.

But that serves no one’s purpose. It’ll be hard to read, and you will get less engagement. LinkedIn posts have specific formatting that works ideal in that platform.

Today, we will explore the ideal paragraph breakdown.

Exploring Datasets

The datasets is based on LinkedIn posts collected from November to March 2021. The post count is 140,975 posts over 104,913 unique users.

Paragraph Breakdowns

We will say paragraphs are any text that is followed by breaklines (hitting enter key).

Looking at the entire dataset, the average paragraph lengths are:

  • 6 paragraphs
  • 3 paragraphs excluding empty lines

As you can see, the double break is the most common in LinkedIn. That is:

A single line is one after.
This is the double line.

The double breaks are the most popular formatting on this social platform. The more space, the better it gets for our eyes.


Now let’s have a look at how the top 1% 1,410 posts ranked by like count is. It follows the similar empty lines. The major difference is the number of breaklines are double:

  • 13 paragraphs
  • 7 paragraphs excluding empty lines

It aligns with the previous analysis on the text length. The most engaged post has a lot more text (334 vs 562 chars).

Tip on Making a Breakline

Coming up with text that is coherent enough for mini paragraphs are hard. If you are starting out, don’t worry about making incomplete sentences. Don’t worry. No one will mark you off for an incomplete sentence.

You can use bullet points (-), number points (1, 2️⃣…), or simply break down the paragraph into multiples.

One example of a simple breakdowns is:

don’t give up (doing) it,
how would you live up?

See how poetic it makes? You won’t need the whole lengthy text to turn your post into multiple paragraphings.

If you are sharing article links, you can use Inksprout summarizer to easily turn content into multiple summary breakpoints. The format is ideal for LinkedIn.