How Long Should Your LinkedIn Post Be? Data Analysis

How Long Should Your LinkedIn Post Be? Data Analysis

How confident are you with your posts? Most of us just want to get by with social presence.

How much we wish to write one sentence. I mean who’s are we kidding: writing is hard. Let alone write constructively enough to engage with our audience.

We will take a look into the ideal post size for your LinkedIn post.


For this analysis, 140,975 LinkedIn posts had been collected between November and March 2021, where the unique profile counts are 104,913.

Ideal Post Length

Here are the basic statistics for the text length.

  • Average post length: 334
  • Average word count: 81
  • Average sentence count: 3

It’s interesting to note that the average post length of LinkedIn is longer than the maximum of Twitter. You need to drop the idea that one liner sentence works as long as it’s catchy. In LinkedIn post, you will need to write much more and fill it with context. They are educated professional audience who’s reading the feed not while waiting for the bus, but while working on a laptop.

That’s the general data. What if we focus on the posts with high engagements.

Things get more interesting when we filter the data for the top 1% (1,410 posts) ranked by likes received.

  • Average post length – top 1%: 562
  • Average word count – top 1%: 151
  • Average sentence count – top 1%: 6

We notice that each statistic count almost doubles. It won’t go as simple as longer the better. But it is a minimum requirement you should put effort.

Facebook and Twitter still works with 1 line creative. That is not so with LinkedIn. People want more context in this B2B professional platform.

LinkedIn post has a limitation of 700 characters for the company share. The average post length is close to its maximum cap. We definitely need to up our game in content making especially giving deep insight to your audience. A simple link dumping will not work definitely.

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