20 Days of Sharing Inksprout Video – In The 0 Follower Accounts

I wanted to test my own product in the past few weeks. I Wondered how the videos are perceived in the real world🧐 After all, if the media doesn’t work, why share even if it’s impressive. The results are

  • Total impressions: 2165
  • Total videos shared: 13
  • Duration: 20 days, from Sept 1 – 20

In the world Facebook ad costs $12 per 1000 impressions, I’d say it’s not too bad😏

What I’ve done:

  1. Setup a new account for each social – Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Titktok, and YouTube. Started with 0 followers.
  2. Find quality content online on the topic of content marketing. Copy the link and let Inksprout create the videos. Took 3h in the given week.
  3. Share along with the captions generated by Inksprout.

In a nutshell, I’ll be working on an upgrade on the video feature in the coming months🥳

PS: Youtube short and Tiktok are nailing it guys😎